Saas Fee is just lovely now and I enjoy my days at work!

Ok it WAS closed for 2 days. But this Wednesday the Mountain opened up and we were ready to hit it! Wednesday was a day of pow pow and sun! They were still preparing the top area so we did ride in the mid section of Morenia. It was just great! Thursday they opened all the way from the top of the glacier. Alallin 3500m. We had to enjoy the pow for a while before we could start with specific traning in the slopes and jumps. Since Wed weve had days with rad weather, blue sky and sun and the snow conditions are just great. The Swe Skicross team are also here so we did team up for a soccergame on Friday afternoon. Its fun to be more people sometimes and mix the fys training in the afternoons with different activities!  I think we won, or maby not. Sometimes the goal doesnt matter, it the way how to reach the goal that is important! OR? Today its Sunday and a day when the athletes could choose wether they wantet to have a day off and rest or ride. Robin choosed to ride so we had another great day of training on the Mtn. The boys do increase their riding a little step forward every day and Im happy for what I see. Its now Sunday evening and time for a a get together and eat out night with parts of the Swiss Team, Steakhouse here we come!

Johan, Folger, Robin, Tim and Coach in a sunny and snowy Saas Fee!

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