Autumn leaves and colours, grafittiart and kurbits, old people and young people, green grass, snowflakes and grey buildings, hackneyed doors and handicraft, concrete and wood, different surroundings and diffent cultures, different athmospheres and different meetings between people…These are just a few things that inspires and impresses me and brings up creative ideas!

Since Ive been in the winterathmosphere a lot I´ve been in need of beanies. I love beanies, design and knitted gears. Since I also have been on the road the perfect match have been knittingsticks to be able to create!

Its iching in my fingers when I put colours together and different patterns to then see what comes out of it in the end! Mix yarn with differnt bands and maybe with some stiches on…

For me a beanie shall be unique and fit the person who wears it!

For me its art, its something made with love from me to you!

– its deelicious!

We are now moving forward and stepping up a bit! Pensioner with experiences and storys will be a part of the deelicious family and help me produce the gear – it is quite simple -meaningful and local produced with joy!

..and thats what deelicious is all about!

Joy, uniqueness and handmade with love!