crossfit with the lifeguards on the beach in Tylösand!

The other morning me and my bro went to Tylösand, the beach of Halmstad, for an early morning crossfitsession with the lifeguards. They did a good job. After the session me and Tommy trained a bit for ourselves. It was warm, sandy and fun! I also tried out the lifeguard paddleboard. It was flat water and the temperature was pleasant so we did paddle to the small island outside the beach and back. Very good training for both the body and my soul! They have a very companiable athmosphere in the lifeguard ”family”. My bro did the education a few years ago. I think It might be my time next summer? Time will tell..

Lifeguards in crossfit action!

roll roll roll the boat... or the body

Tommy in action in a kettlebell swing!

Lifeguard groupswim!

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