februari 2013

Bad Gastein gave powder, sun, icehockey and a lot of smiles!

I had the opportunity to join 2 M Travel to Bad Gastein for a week of ski and snowboarding. It was a group of 48 people from the westcoast part of Sweden. We had a great week, 7 days on the mountains and no sleep in mornings. My old knee hang on almost the whole week and we ended the trip with some nice pow riding on the Graukogel. Sportgastein also gave us powder and sun during the week. I love beeing on trips where you meet new people who go on ”vacations” to do something active and have the ”happy feeling” and smile on their faces when doin so. Most of them was on skis but my snowboardheart was smiling when we took one day to try out for those who wantet to and we had so much fun. They had a tough day with me cheering for them to stand up, bend their legs and work in it. Nothings comes for free and to fall is just a part of the training. They did a great job and they all showed such progress on their snowboarding. I got nostalgic when taking a few runs in the slope at the bottom of the Stubnerkogel where we had WC competitions back in the days and where Ive been on the podium a few times. Only good feelings! Our Boss Mange had unluck and crashed one day and was out of skiing for the rest of the week. I wish him a good recovery! Thanks to all of you who was joining this trip, I hope to see you again next year, if not sooner, on some other Mountains!

Nils, Mikael, me and Elin on the top of SportGastein

view from Stubnerkolgeln

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