november 2012

inspiring lecture of motivating leadarship!

one of the great things with the education at cruyff institute is that we have the benefit to join IFLs wake up calls. this tuesday it was Mr Kent Osborne from Canada who was the lecture and he spoke about motivating leadarship. it was very interesting and gave me a lot. ive been through his points before during my education in Communicology but its always good to be remided. me and my classmate Per Ulrik Johansson had later on a very giving lunch together with Mr Osborne. im grateful for the time he gave and i think we will stay in touch.

his point of views of motivating leadarship:

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a deelicious made for jennifer lopez…

i got a late request yeasterday. a request regarding if i want to give a beanie to jennifer lopez, japp t h a t jennifer lopez. öhh do i? japp i do. i couldnt decide wich one of the originals that would fit her so i went home and found a yarn that would be perfect. i added some gold stripes to it and then knitted it while watching a great movie. unfortunally im not gonna deliver it myself but i have asked for a picture and i cross my fingers that i will get one. we will see. i hope she will like it!

the making of a JLo deelicious beanie!

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photoshoot for the new webshop

sundays seems to be workingdays for me.. i havent figured out yet how i will be able to get some days off for the moment. there are plenty of things that need to be done right now… but thats good! and its fun! yeasterday we did shoot product pics for the upcoming new webshop. model pia and vendela did a great job and im happy with the result. thanks girls! you will be able to see the results in about 2 weeks. be patient!

pia and vendela are gorgeous deelicious models!


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