augusti 2012

d e e l i c i o u s beanies for halmstad golf arena !

im finishing the work on custom made beanies for the halmstad golf arena. tagged with deelicious and they will be ready to be delivered to halmstad very soon. if you like golf and havent been to this arena in halmstad yet. you have to go. there is nothing else like this in the whole world. its not a golfcourse, its a training park and you WILL enjoy!

grey, green, blue and orange are the colours of halmstad gold arena!





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monday i n t h e d e e l i c i o u s factory!

monday morning and im reading on peoples status that they are back from summevacation, i say welcome. as a selfemployed i sometimes wonder how i can turn off my head from work..there is always something going on up there. but its great! its fun and i do see that the sun shines outside so it might be a ”coffebreakwithaswim” in an hour down by the water. for you who doesnt know..deelicious is working hard now. the plan is to produce a collection that will be sold in stores, hopefully already by this autumn and winter. im writing on the businessplan to start a new company, counting on budget and knitting on new gear! its lovely! have a great monday

monday morning in the factory...

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d e e l i c i o u s for sale at HÖNSHUSET

The only store that got permission to sell unique deelicious for the moment is hönshuset in sågmyra. if you are around dont forget to stop by!

hönshuset got some unique deelicious gear for sale...hurry up!


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