februari 2012

montafon valley in austria…. way worth goin!

ive had 1.5 week off from my coaching with the snowboard team. so i took the oppertunity and left for a trip to austria to snowboard a bit with my brother and a bounch of westcoust folks. it was a trip organized by magnus at 2 M travel company. a real snowroller trip by bus to the alps. we had a rad week. lots of snow, smiles, laughes, sauna time, good food and some after ski. i met a lof of great people and we had great snowconditions. 4 days of real powder! i havent been able to ride that bec of my knee for years now but this worked fine. i was happy! i will recommend this area to you who wants to go for good freeriding in the alps. Check the web for the Montafon area, there are 4 different big systems that works together. here are some pics from the week..

map of the Montafon area

nice silvretta valley

lots of easy freeriding on this faces

me shredding pow on skis, not at all as nice as on a snowboard

Karl hit the gap in the water

no trip without any competitions..

bigbro in the alps

Nova Stoba is a huge restaurant that can fit 3000 people

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im so behind….but better late than never… KONGSBERG EC 3-4 of feb

we had a red and cold weekend in kongsberg norway the first weekend in february. it was cold but beautiful weather. im not into standing still all days yet and i think i never will get used to it! -18 degrees standing still in 7 hours is so so …but no complaning. just realizing that beachvolleyball might me my next thing. no just kidding. we had a great weekend. 7 boys in total and for 2 of them, tim westerlund and simon matila was their first race ever. since simon is born -97 he wasnt able to do the real race but he did forerunner both days and showed really good skills. tim w did also impressed on me a lot when he did handle this technical course really well. the future is bright! folger did his best results ever when he finished 5th on sunday. here are some pics..

Kongsbergs Mtn

johan in the cold morningsun


folger in the start, right hand side in yellow bib. semifinal

Simon Mattila redo för heat

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så här fin blev tjejöls ”tuben”

i höstas så berättade jag om en kväll då jag var på nätverksträff med tjejölsgänget. pernilla westeberg är kvinnan bakom detta nätverk och vi ses på hotell hellsten 1-2ggr per år. nu i höstas så lät vi en stickning gå runt i gänget och här är resultatet:

pernilla i tjejölstuben -supersnygg!

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breuil cervinia and european cup race

as you might have figured out now..im not good at updating this page in time. this last weekend we went to italy for 2 european cups in breuil cervinia. first day of training was lovely weather and we got to see the beautiful landscape and the matterhorn mountain just next to the slopes. the boys had some issues with the bank turns in the course, well everybody had the same issue. we stayed at a great place on the slope mon revé, very nice athmosphere and people who runs that place. we also had great lunches in the chalet etoile restaurant. big thanks to Ulla and her crew for that. folger did qualify for the final heats both days. he ended up on 10th place on saturday and showed really good skills. robin and johan didnt make it to the heat races. it was frustration for both them and me. i know they both can make it too if they just get everything together. activity activity! we spend sunday evening in milano and had dinner at a very special place. i need to let you know about this. a restaurant next ti the first hotel malpensa. it was a old 50th saloon style with at that time fancy curtains, crystal chandelier, and lots of whine. it was two short old mens who had the place and they were brothers. they looked like small penguins when they walked around and served us. old style gentlemens. the food was not the best but the whole dinner made us laugh a lot and the old mens touched my heart. gracie

matterhorn from cervinia

folger on start in the snowy saturday weather

very special dinner in malpensa

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