januari 2012

went to visit this little Tim whos representing deelicious in Neuchatel..

after a week in veysonnaz it was time to fly home late monday out of geneva. before that i went to meet some swiss friends and enjoyed a fab fondue and good whine dinner at their place in neuchatel. thanks michelle, gilles and tim for your hospitality and madame nobs for the ride and a great time, as always! here is little tim jacquet, he´s representing deelicious in this part of europe..

Tim Jaquet representing deelicious in Switzerland

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first World Cup for the boys and for me as a coach…

Im a bit late with updates..sorry but better late than never. last week we were in Switzerland for 2 WC competitions in Veysonnaz. the first WC race ever for the boys, folger and robin, and first for me as a coach. it was a lot fun. challenging but fun. great to meet all friends on tour and an honour to be the only lady on the TC meetings. the boys did handle the course well. folger did reach our goal and did qualif on the second race. he showed good skills. god I was nervous when he stood in the startgate next to the 5 others. robin didnt really reach his limit this week but im sure he will step up. im already looking forward to the next competition. for me as a coach the work is challenging , my goal is to give the boys the best conditions i can. sometimes i get stuck. stuck couse i get back to where i where in my snowboardcarrer and i cant compare that with the level these boys are on now. i want them to realise and give themselves the best conditions they can, focus on the right things…but i forget something; they might not know what they need, what they want and what is important for them..as i said sometimes im loosing it.. but most of the time its fun! if it wasnt challenging i guess i wouldnt work as hard with it as i do. big congrats to both folger and robin for their first WC!

Veysonnaz WC January 2012

Folger Forsén och Robin Granqvist

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jag tror att 2012 kommer att bli ett kreativt och glatt år när vi vill tänka på miljön och göra våra egna grejer samt ta tillvara på det vi redan har. i torsdags var det dags för lite pysselmys hos mig. efterfrågan har funnits ett tag och jag tänkte att nu är det dags. det var en mysig kväll med mycket skratt, tålamod, snabba stickor och nålar! det får bli en uppföljning snart igen. här är lite pics..

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happy new year

its time….for 2012. whats the plan?

every new years eve Im trying to look back and save all the good memories I have from the past year. I did that yesterday and I got the imagination that 2011 went through so fast….it was not a year when i did something really big and meaningful but I did a lot fun and I also learned a lot. for this upcoming year I will make plans. I will make plans and set up goals that I will write down so I dont forget to make and reach them. one of the goals will be to get more daily rutines. I like daily routines. I will care about the friends and family I love and I will be better to stay in touch with those I care for. I will put less energy on things and people who steal my energy. we only live once! thats only a few of my plans….I have tons of more, but they are not documented yet.

I want to wish you all a happy-crazy-calm-successful new year filled with love and laugh! remember that it will be the way you make it. give yourself the best conditions you can and enjoy yourself for the qualities you have.

you are unique just the way you are, go hit the new year!

big hug from me

i drömmen du allt betvingar och allt du vill ha kan du få!


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training with the team in Kläppen

we had three days of good training with the team in Kläppen between christmas and new year. big thanks to Linus Johansson with crew who build the features that we wanted even though the lack of snow and rainy weather. one afternoon we had a waxclinic with Torsten ”Totte” Skogmo and that was very successful -thanks Totte! here’s a pic from the startsection we got build for us. this was the last camp before its time to hit the competiton season. im happy to see how the boys improve and I belive in success for this upcoming year!

startsection boardercross training course Kläppen

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