december 2010

Snowboardcross trainingcamp in Tandådalen 16-21st of December 2010

We have had the first boardercross camp for this winter. 6 days of training in Tandådalen and the weather forecast gave us a challange! Lots of wind and snow and chill temperatures. Due to that we did have a great week with pow, park ,starts and some board technique. There was a lot of progress in these talented young snowboarders. Its a pleasure to be their coach! Im looking forward to the season. Since Ive been an individual athlete for so many years, all Ive been doing all the time has been for the reason to be the best. Its a challange and such a great thing to now be able to share my experiences and see other people that can advance and progress with my help! Its my pleasure to give!

I also wanna take the opp to thank Skistar for supporting us and helping us out with a good deal on accomodation and skipasses.

some mixed pics from the week…

It is lunchtime in the dark part of the Nordic countries!

Getting ready for start-training

Trunk exercise and everyone does was the coach says! ;)

afternoon training session!

Johan, Catta, Lovisa, Julia and Dennis

Saturday night was bowling night! Tim Ericsson did the beginning! ;)

Upcoming stars! Simon Matila and Tim Westerlund, 13 resp 14 years old!

Tim Westerlund and Julia Hamre

Coach in dubble jackets!

Johan, Robin and Robert

Half of the group gathered together for a picture! Folger Forsén, Tim Westerlund, Julia Hamre, Robert Johansen, Robin Granqvist, Johan Lundvist, Lovisa Blomqvist, me and Simon Matila.

Folger Forsén and Simon Matila are training starts!

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Dagens fredagsmys = skotta snö och släpa startgate i 4 timmar!!

Wihoooo det är fredag! Vi har snowboardcross läger i Tandådalen just nu (kommer mer om detta i morgon) Det är superskoj och det snöar. Många talangfulla, duktiga och härliga åkare är på plats! Jag är en envis Coach som vill mina adepters bästa så idag skottade jag!…i ca 4 timmar. Ovanligt fredagsmys men ack så bra träning! ;)

Det är mörkt och det snöar och startgate är ready set go!

"ramen" skottad och hackad och klar. Gaten släpad och nästan på plats samt spade nummer 2 paj

första "ramen" skottad och en spade paj

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